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EYE VISTA Hotel Booking Agency

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MICE - Meeting, Insentive, Conference, Events.

Cosmos (Hotel Cosmos)
President Hotel
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel)
Crown Plaza (Hotel Crown Plaza)
Holiday Inn Suschevsky Hotel
Holiday Inn Lesnaya Hotel
Volynskoe Hotel
Izmailovo Vega Hotel & Convention Centre
Korston Hotel
Heliopark Empire Hotel
Pekin Hotel
Izmailovo Alfa Hotel
Cosmos Hotel
MosUz center Hotel
Sputnik Hotel
Severyti Hotel
Ohotnik Hotel
Mitino Hotel
Sheraton Sheremetyevo (Hotel Sheraton Sheremetyevo)
Molodyozhnaya Hotel
Izmailovo Beta Hotel
Planernoye Hotel
Sherston (Hotel Sherston)
Maxima Panorama Hotel
Elkost Crashotel
Baikal Hotel
BuisnesTourist Hotel
Mandarin Hotel Moscow (Hotel Mandarin Hotel Moscow)
Arbat Hotel
Salyut Hotel
Rossia Hotel
Caterina Park (Hotel Caterina Park)
Izmailovo Gamma - Delta Hotel
Tourist Hotel
Park Inn Airport Sheremetevo
Svetlana Hotel
Maxima Irbis Hotel
Maxima Slavia Hotel
Domodedovo Hotel
Borodino Hotel
Aquarium Hotel
Altay Hotel
Los' Hotel
Maxima Zarya Hotel
Astrus Hotel - Central Tourist House Hotel - CTH
Yunost Hotel
Ulanskaya Hotel

St. Petersburg
Park Inn Pulkovskaya Hotel
Moscow Hotel
Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya Hotel St. Petersburg
Oktiabrskaya Hotel

For Agents

Be our Agent, Client or Partner.

Since 1993 the EYE VISTA Group  has successfully been providing professional travel services to exhibition participants, delegates, businessmen and tourists arriving to Russia. For many years we have been servicing the following prestigious organizations: United Nations, UNICEF, TACIS Project, STIMOROL, SERVIER Pharmaceutics, MITSUI, BOSCH, BEE-LINE, MTC, SCHWARTZKOPF & HENKEL, regional INTOURIST & SPUTNIK offices, LANTA TOUR-VOYAGE, SKM-TRAVEL and many other. We offer a wide selection of travel services at affordable prices. We hope to see you in our list of Agents & Partners.

Please call any EYE VISTA Hotel Service office and our officials do their best to provide you with all necessary information about booking hotel in Russia, visa support documents, guided tours arrangements, transport, etc.

You are welcome to join the list of our Agents, sign a Contract and to receive a special discounted price for accommodation at Moscow and St. Petersburg hotels and our services.

Tel/Fax in Moscow:
+7 (495) 737-7150, +7 (495) 737-7159, +7 (495) 737-7910, +7 (495) 737-7950, +7 (901) 544-4861, +7 (495) 778-6583
Mail: delta-admin@eye-vista.ru
Tel/Fax in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 578-1141, +7 (812) 578-1095, +7 (812) 578-1254, +7 (812) 974-9572
Mail: spb@eye-vista.ru

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Phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 737-7950 , +7 (916) 300-5013. + 7 (901) 578-6583
Phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (495) 737-7950 , +7 (916) 300-5013. + 7 (901) 578-6583
e-mail for room reservation in Moscow: vega-admin@eye-vista.ru,
in St. Petersburg: spb@eye-vista.ru
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