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Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) , Moscow, Russia
2/1, Building 1, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 121248 Moscow Russia
Nearest metro station:
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - general information
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - how to get to the hotel
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - rooms of the hotel
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - prices, room reservation and services
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - infrastructure
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - The "Business centers"
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - restaurants of the hotel
Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) - visitors opinion (0)
 - Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) , Moscow
 - Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) , Moscow
 - Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) , Moscow
 - Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) , Moscow

Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) , Moscow

Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (former Ukraina Hotel) , Moscow - General information of the hotel

The luxury 5 star Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow (historic name - Hotel Ukraina), is located in Moscow's city centre, on a bend of the Moskva River at the intersection of Kutuzovskiy Prospekt and Novy Arbat, two of the city's most prestigious thoroughfares.

The hotel is situated opposite the House of Government of the Russian Federation (also known as White House) and within walking distance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the World Trade Centre, Expocenter and numerous Embassies. Guests will find that the city's main sights such as Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre and the State Tretyakov Gallery are all close by. Moscow's international airports are easily accessible with the main railway terminal to Vnukovo Airport just a few hundred meters away.

Gaze over the Moskva River and Moscow skyline from the most breathtaking luxury hotel in town. The newly refurbished 505 guest rooms and 38 serviced apartments offer unrivalled comfort and pay homage to the historic nature of the building while featuring top of the range amenities. An on-site spa, featuring a 50-metre indoor, heated pool and state-of-the-art fitness facilities welcomes guests to relax in complete luxury.

2/1, Building 1, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 121248 Moscow Russia

UKRAINA Hotel is a part of the group of legendary and notable buildings in Moscow, better known as the ¡°Seven Sisters¡±. They are distinguished by their exceptional architecture significantly defining the image of Moscow. These buildings are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Smolenskaya Square (1948-1953), the main building of Moscow State University on Vorobyevy Hills (1949-1952), the building on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment (1938-1940, 1948-1952), an administrative and living building near the metro station ¡®Krasniye Vorota¡¯ (1939-1953), Leningradskaya Hotel in the Kalanchevskaya street (1949-1952), an apartment building on Kudrinskaya Square (1948-1954), and, of course, Ukraina Hotel at Kutuzovsky prospect (1953-1857). All the buildings have become the embodiment of Moscow, a vivid landmark in the history of Moscow and a source of national pride.

The period of 1930s of the 20th century is the time of the important city planning projects. More than four hundred new cities and a thousand new communities were built. Many old cities were being actively reconstructed. At that time Moscow and the capitals of the Soviet republics were acquiring main features of their modern architectural image. It was in 1935 when the new Moscow reconstruction master plan was approved to set up goals, that were to be implemented after the Second World War, in the 50s-60s of the 20th century: creation of  the Moskva-Volga channel, construction of the underground system, bridges, new streets (ex. Noviy Arbat), reconstruction of the Garden Ring, massive apartment building.

In the 30s of the 20th century Josif Stalin came up with the idea to build ¡°soviet skyscrapers¡±, that was implemented after the victory of the USSR in the Second World War. Almost all ¡°Seven sisters¡± (except the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Smolenskaya square built in 1952) were built after the death of the country leader in the mid 50s. However, they are considered his work and his creation.

On January 13, 1947, in the year of the 800th anniversary of Moscow, J. Stalin signed Resolution ¡í53 ¡°On construction of multi-stored buildings in Moscow¡±. On the day of the 800th anniversary of Moscow eight stones were solemnly laid to symbolize the future buildings. Despite the fact that the eighth building in Zaradye had never been built, this fact did not impact the grandiosity of the ¡°Seven Sisters¡± project. The skyscrapers became a visible embodiment of prestige of the victor country, a symbol of solidity, grandeur and power of the Soviet state.

Specialists call the architecture of the 30s-50s of the 20th century ¡®neo traditionalism¡¯, ¡®neo romanticism¡¯, ¡¯neo renaissance¡¯, ¡®proletarian neoclassicism¡¯. For Russia this is the epoque of the ¡®Stalin¡¯ or ¡®totalitarian architecture¡¯, Stalin classicism that had become an art and a source of national pride.

Project Designers

The UKRAINA Hotel¡¯s appearance was created by the group of famous architects: A. Mordvinov, Academic of architecture, president of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR, V. Kalish, co-author of apartments buildings, P. Krasilnikov, engineer-constructor, and V. Oltarzhevsky, Doctor of Architecture, who had been studying the skyscrapers building technique in New York and was specializing on projecting and building hotels.  More than 2 thousand people were involved in developing different details of this project.

General Description

The total area building is more than 88 thousand square meters; its height is 206 meters, including the 73-meter-long spire.

UKRAINA Hotel building is characterized by the perfect architectural composition: the central segment with the up rushed tower, crowned with the spire, is balanced with solidity and strict forms of the side wings. The small corner towers and the vases styled as wheat sheaves underline the palatial splendor of the building while the spire imparts the excellent strictness.

The Soviet symbols in the exterior of UKRAINA Hotel: stars, hammers and sickles, surrounded by wreathes ¨C have lost its political value by now and have became a stylistic flavor.

From Creation till the Present Day

On May 25th, 1957 UKRAINA Hotel was triumphantly presented to the public. Being the largest hotel in Europe at that period, it amazed everyone with the splendor of its interiors.  Since its opening the Hotel had been popular among numerous guests of the Russian capital and welcomed them for many years till the closure for renovation.

In 2005 all the facades of the building were restored. In March 2007 the process of the major renovation works started: full refurbishment, modernization of engineering systems, implementation of advanced technologies and the following detailed renovation of inimitable historical interiors. All actions were aimed at providing UKRAINA Hotel with the deserved status of a fashionable hotel meeting the world standards.

In 2009 was signed the operation contract with The Rezidor Hotel Group ¨C one of the most dynamically developing companies in a hospitality industry.

On the 28th of April in the building of the hotel ¡°Ukraina¡±, was opened a new modern hotel-Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, - which combined a unique spirit of architectural ensemble of the Stalin¡¯s ¨¦poque with the best traditions of service, high-tech innovations of comfort sphere.


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